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Our Products

Hospital Management System

We provide Cashless Hospitalization for our customers by our innovative solutions which are used by healthcare centres such as Hospitals, Diagnostic Centre and Clinics among others.

Hospital Management System wherewithal making a hospital management paperless. With today’s focus on lowering costs while improving outcomes you can’t ignore medical supplies, which account for 30% to 40% of a hospital's total costs. Our automated point-of-use systems for hospital upply chain management give you the tools you need to address this critical area.

Our solutions empower pharmacies, manufacturers, hospitals and other health care institutions by enabling them to get closer to the patients they serve every single day, while contributing to the quality and safety.

  • Patient
    • One can register itself
    • Manage Patient records
    • Manage to update the information
  • Appointment
    • New Patient can register
    • Manage and update appointments
    • Manage appointment and scheduling
  • Accounts & Billing
    • Calculations based on prescription
    • Custom billing based on Plans and Packages
    • Manage the history of bills
  • Ward Booking
    • Register Patient gets wards in advance
    • Manage schedule wards and rooms for Patients
    • Manage all history of wards booking
  • Search Data
    • Manage to search data for patients
    • Manage to search data for doctors
    • Manage to maintain records of pervious search data
  • Registration & Management
    • Automatically manages the record of Patients
    • Manage to record history of Patients individually
    • Manages all doctors and staffs
  • Dashboard
    • Custom & Personalized dashboard for doctors regurally
    • Manages users groups daily
    • Manage staff leave request records
  • Others
    • Improved nurse workflow and patient safety
    • Simplified reporting, analysis, and charging
    • Greater efficiency at a system level