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Our Products

Microfinance Management System

We believe that microfinance is a sustainable means of poverty alleviation leading to lasting, holistic development. Financial tools and training empower entrepreneurs to build businesses, support their families and transform their communities. Structure has been designed to allow for scalability as considering expansion.

Microfinance Management system is utilitarian in order to ensure most value out of technology tools. There is no doubt that “the right information” at “the right time” at “the right place”, is crucial in decision-making. Therefore, we focus on automating the internal business processes and ensures that operational efficiency is improved and staff are able to better manage their times in productive tasks rather than clerical tasks.

  • Client Management
    • Manage to register new clients
    • Manage to track client data
    • Manage to provide and track loans
  • Accounting
    • Generate and export your bookings
    • Manage account tools fitted to your structure
    • Monitor the health of your operations with automated loan provision
  • Customer’s benefits
    • Integrate to alternate channels
    • Faster and convenient processing of transactions and loans
    • Flexible interest rates and rescheduling of loans for individual customer
  • Savings Management
    • Open and close savings accounts with ease
    • Manage stress-free cash deposits and withdrawals
    • Make transfers between accounts without delay
  • Accounts
    • Manage to maintain Financial Reports
    • Manage to maintain Inventory Reports
    • Manage to maintain Banking Reports
  • Inventory
    • Manage to give Fine collection
    • Manage Vendors and Purchase bills
    • Manage Customized Reports
  • Our Approach
    • Adaptable and Scalable
    • Global but Localized
    • Real-Time Information
  • Others
    • Cash-flow management and forecasting
    • Timely information regarding portfolio risk
    • Real time performance updates