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Our Products

Online Examination Software

We provide convenient technology to assist your online exam process.It is more scalable, more reliable and low cost application platform. The purpose of this application is to conduct and process various types of exams at different centres across any country via online.

Online examination is getting popular on web these days. This feature is particularly useful for those websites which deal in education/ recruitment/ employee screening process. Now-a- days institutes are organizing exams online. In this module a user can give online exam of a particular subject and get the results instantly through which the user can know his/her potential and how much more effort he/she needs to put in to get better marks.

Online examination sofrware focus on your core areas and allow us to take care of your exam process.It will increase your efficiency for conducting and save your data in a secure place. It is easy to use, integrate with existing system and provide complete solution for online and offline exams.

  • Report Analysis
    • Real time reporting tool for student
    • Proactive analysis of your organization
    • Manage all history
  • Irritation free Question Management
    • Add question quickly and easily
    • Manage to import your questions
    • Arrange them according to subject and topic
  • Departments
    • Create a package and add test
    • Monetise your package
    • Also create a free package
  • Share info
    • Upload news and latest update
    • Resolve their queries
    • Provide benefits of your discount policy
  • Stratify your exams
    • Create assessments for practice
    • Prepare your online exam
    • Decide when to publish them
  • Organise your students
    • Add student / trainees quickly
    • Import students
    • Mail your students