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Our Products

Services Record System

Service Record System (SRS) is a customisable online client management system developed in partnership with the community services sector. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by helping organisations manage information and activities regarding individuals and families without having to manage in-house IT infrastructure.

Service Record System (SRS) can be shared across programs within an organisation and can be implemented across services who share a common client base. It is highly configurable. The customised data collection templates will ensure you collect and report the information that you need. We will work with you to analyse requirements and design a SRS solution that meets the needs of your organisation.

  • Client information
    • Create relationships between clients, to allow family groups to be managed as a whole
    • Assign key workers to clients and track case loads
    • Create and save case notes to comply with record keeping requirements
  • Dashboard
    • Maintain records of all
    • Build proper charts and logs
    • Manage back-up of all files
  • Service coordination
    • Share information with other services using SRS
    • Simultaneously record group activities against multiple clients
    • Record alerts against clients so your service can respond to critical events
  • Information security
    • 128bit SSL transmission for all information between client and server
    • Role based permissions for information access
    • Restrictions on ability to delete core client information
  • Program management
    • Create profiles which collect specific information required by your service
    • Generate reports to help manage service delivery or provide information to stakeholders

  • Others
    • Scheduling, tasks, notifications and alerts
    • Unique feature of our product is integrated mailing system
    • Activity log for all accounting vouchers